Strain, vibration and temperature monitoring system GESO-SMS for the precise monitoring of geotechnical and industrial constructions, pipelines and other technical systems using Fibre-Bragg-Grating Sensors (FBG)

Digital monitoring is essential to facilitate a whole monitoring solution when constructing and operating technical, industrial and other special purpose structures as well as pipelines and other technical systems. Using the technological measurement equipment, it is possible to check dimensional accuracy and to detect and pinpoint outside stresses at an early stage, like convergences, uplift, subsidence and landslides which can all be caused by building activity, the system itself or unexpected geological conditions. Slightest deformations of the soil or the structure in the micron to sub millimetre range will indicate any occurring stresses. The strain, vibration and temperature monitoring system GESO-SMS which measures at specific intervals along the fibre using Fibre-Bragg-Grating Sensors, provides a way of detecting such small stresses at an early stage either statically or dynamically through online monitoring and can give operators early warnings in real time. The sensors can be applied to surfaces or embedded into a filling material, e.g. concrete.

The deployment of optical fibre sensors enables a range of applications in geotechnical engineering and construction, e.g.

  • Monitoring of deformations on:
    • Tunnels
    • Slopes
    • Bridge elements
    • Pipelines
    • Technical systems and storage tanks
    • Apparatus for anchoring and reinforcement
    • Pile constructions
    • Sheet pile walls
    • Roof structuresKonvergenzmessung von Hohlraumkonturen
  • Convergence measurement of cavity contours
  • Deformation measuring during a construction process for observing the influences of: tunnel boring machines, blasting operations etc.
  • Measurement of curing time, shrinkage and deformation during concrete hardening
  • Monitoring of cracks
  • Employment as optical extensometer
  • Stress analysis
  • Vibration measurement