Linear Temperature Monitoring System for hydraulic engineering, geothermal energy, geotechnical and environmental engineering, buildings and technical machinery

Hydraulic Engineering

The continuous monitoring of dams and reservoirs is an integral part of the safety requirements for these structures. In addition to the conventional monitoring technologies, the distributed fibre optic sensor technology is used to:

  • identify the temperature distribution in the wall structure,
  • monitor hardening processes in mass concrete,
  • detect and pinpoint leaks in seals and joins,
  • detect signs of underground water leakage.

Geothermal Energy

  • Quality control in borehole heat exchangers
  • Geothermal Response Test (GRT)/ Enhanced GRT (eGRT), using depth resolutions techniques
  • Long term monitoring and optimisation of borehole heat exchangers and their surroundings
  • Measuring of temperature in hydrothermal installations
  • Measuring of temperature at deep borehole heat exchangers and in Hot-Dry Rock systems

Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering

In geotechnical and environmental engineering, the special and temporal distribution of temperature is an important parameter in the analysis of the long-term behaviour of natural, man-made and technological processes. Temperature measurements are thereby used to gauge the overall project status.

The fibre optic distributed temperature sensing technology can be used at land rehabilitation sites both in the operational stage as well as when no longer in use, e.g. mining sites and reclaimed land. It can also be applied to monitor leaching from landfill areas and remediating project sites. The monitoring technology is particularly suited for long term monitoring tasks in geotechnical and environmental engineering applications.

GESO offers amongst other things systems solutions for the following monitoring tasks:

  • Accurate continuous real time information collection of the spatially distributed temperature in underground areas
  • Detection of heating zones and reaction zones
  • Monitoring of possible leaks in sealing elements
  • Detection of leachate inflows in wells and boreholes
  • Ground moisture content measurement
  • Flood monitoring

Buildings and Technical Machinery

GESO offers systems solutions for:

  • Accurate data collection of continuous real time information of the linear, planar and spatially distributed temperature in buildings and technical installations
  • Control and optimisation of processes, based on temperature
  • Monitoring of air conditioning
  • Fire detection