Pipelines are an important part of our technological infrastructure. Usually they are used to transport liquids or gases. The different fields of application have different demands for engineering safety and data acquisition. To avoid environmental damage or financial loss due to leaks, the deployment of leak detection systems is mandatory. Furthermore, specific knowledge of the operating parameters is the basis of trouble-free operations.

With the new pipeline regulation TRbF 301/ TRFL which came into force on 2 October 2002, requirements for pipelines were combined into one regulation, with the exception of pipelines for public gas supplies.

On the basis of the new pipeline regulation, new rules and standards for pipelines were compiled (TRFL), in which the requirements previously set out in three different rule systems, were now integrated.

In accordance with the TRFL, the Leak Detection System GESO-LDS is a real-time system offering the option of either fixed or mobile use. The system can pinpoint tiniest leaks (<<1%) without operational delay.

The system can be used in various applications/ pipelines such as:

  • Transmission and distribution of liquids (e.g. for water polluting substances)
  • Transmission and distribution of gas
  • Transmission and distribution of liquid gas
  • District heating
  • Food industry (palm oil)