Linear monitoring and quality control system for underground gas storage facilities and production wells

Underground storage facilities and production wells are mining constructions whose technical complexity can not be seen above ground. These facilities are often inaccessible due to their sub-surface nature; there are pressures and temperatures demanding the most from the installed technology. The operational demands, the high capital investments involved and the requirement for guaranteed operating reliability and continuity of supply require careful monitoring and continuous evaluation of the sub-surface conditions of these underground facilities.

GESO StorageControl S

  • Determining the temperature-depth profile in underground mining facilities
  • Ensuring the casing is leak proof
  • Assessing the storage dynamics and characteristics

GESO StorageControl S

  • VerbundnetzGas AG Leipzig (Buchholz, Ketzin)
  • E.ON Ruhrgas AG (Stockstadt, Krummhörn, Epe)
  • EWE AG Oldenburg (Huntdorf, Nüttermoor)
  • DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG Hamburg - Speicherbetriebe Bayern (Breitbrunn, Inzenhamm)
  • DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG Hamburg - Förderbetrieb Niedersachsen (Wittorf)
  • RWE Gas Dortmund / ESK GmbH Dortmund (Kalle)
  • RWE Gas Dortmund / KST Kavernenspeicher GmbH Staßfurt (Staßfurt)
  • IVG Caverns GmbH Friedeburg (Etzel)
  • Stadtwerke Kiel AG (Kiel-Rönne)
  • Wesernetz GmbH Bremen (Lesum)
  • GHG GmbH Hannover (Empelde)
  • Preussag Energie GmbH Lingen (Schmidthausen)
  • GdF SUEZ E&P Deutschland GmbH Lingen (Kietz)
  • Wintershall Holding GmbH, Erdölwerke - Betriebe Westemsland (Emlichheim)
  • ExxonMobil Production Deutschland GmbH / Multiline GmbH & Co.KG (Buchhorst)
  • Gaz de France (F) (Manosque, Tersanne)
  • RAG Rohöl-Aufsuchungs AG Gampern (A) (Nußdorf, Zagling, Haidach)
  • Nederlandse Gasunie NV Groningen (NL) / DEEP Underground Engineering GmbH (Heiligerlee)

GESO CementationControl S

  • Assessment of cement-head construction when building onshore or offshore wells

GESO SolutionControl S

  • Assessment of liquid levels, especially identifying the blanket-brine interface level during a solution mining process