The products and services, developed by GESO, are based on the distributed fiber optic temperature sensing technique (Distributed Temperature Sensing=DTS). This technique enables the acquisition of temperature data along a temperature sensitive cable (Fiber optical cable) with a high resolution of length and temperature. Simultaneous for the complete measuring length, the temperature has been integrated over a distance interval which is normally 0.5 m. For borehole applications a special measuring device is used, which allows measurement with a spatial resolution of 12.5 cm over a total length of 5 km.

Advantages of the Measurement Technology

  • No influence on the temperature field by the measuring procedure
  • No active electronic circuits along the cable (explosion safety, EMC-compatible)
  • Use in corrosive environments
  • Long-term monitoring of the temperature/ high life time of the sensing cable
  • Easy installation of the fibre optical temperature sensing cable, also to areas which are no accessible after installation
  • Temperature measurements can be repeated after any time interval (service measurement)
  • Online-monitoring and integration in other process controlling systems

Parameters of the Measurement Technology

Range of the sensor cable per channel *) GESO DATA S (max. 2 km)
GESO DATA M (max. 8 km)
GESO DATA L (max. 12 km)
GESO DATA XL (max. 30 km)
GESO DATA BHA (max. 5 km with spat.resol.12.5 cm)
Number of measurement channels 1, 2, 4
Spatial resolution 1 m (Standard), 2 m … 5 m (dependend from the total sensor length)
Temperature Accuracy* *) better than ± 1 °C
Temperature resolution *) @  1 min./4 km ±0,47 K

The data signed with *) depend on each other.

The software base module can be added by customer specific software packages, e.g. for visualization or embedding the data into a higher level process controlling system.